Expert Legal Representation for Real Estate Purchases

Buying property in Spain as a foreigner is a complex task. Smooth real estate transactions require a deep understanding of Spanish laws, the local market, and the precise obligations before and after the purchase.

For this reason, legal assistance from a law firm well-versed in the local market and Spanish laws plays a fundamental role in ensuring that a property purchase in Spain is conducted legally.

We advise against buying property in Spain without legal assistance.

They speak English at the law office, so you can communicate with your legal representatives in English during the entire real estate buying and selling process. If, on the other hand, your language skills are not confident in professional or legal areas, we can provide Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, or English-speaking client representation and an interpreter for legal representation, so that you always understand everything in special areas and there are never any misunderstandings. In the majority of cases, our clients also use our office’s Spanish real estate purchase support, and in such cases, our office handles all contact with the law firm.

Components of Legal Representation in Spanish Real Estate Purchases

If HispaColex Bufete Jurídico becomes your legal representative, they will examine and address any potential issues related to the property purchase. They will review or draft contracts, provide legal advice, and supervise the entire process. They will also choose and coordinate with the notary office.

Essentially, they will provide you with a legal background that safeguards against any possible problems that may arise during or after the property purchase. This ensures complete security for you, as the official part of the Spanish property acquisition will be in the best hands, under full legal supervision. You can then enjoy every pleasant moment of acquiring your new property because the property purchase will truly be a pleasure.

The legal representation includes the following:

Essentially, your attorneys will handle and oversee the entire real estate purchase process, including carrying out the necessary administrative tasks. From the property reservation, through contract negotiations and notarial signing, to tax payments and land registry registration, your attorneys will supervise and manage every step of the process.

It’s important to note that the legal fees of the attorneys never include the taxes (ITP, IVA, AJD) and the costs of the notary, gestor, and land registry. These expenses are to be paid by you after the property purchase, with the attorneys preparing all the necessary documentation for payment.

Do you also want to purchase real estate in Spain with legal guarantees and complete safety?

Take advantage of the assistance of Hispacolex Bufete Jurídico, Spain’s leading law firm.

Please, if you would like to avail yourself of the law firm’s assistance, contact us first so that we can connect you with the legal representative designated by our office at the law firm.

Would you like support in Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, or English alongside legal representation?

With our client representation service, we will accompany you throughout the entire Spanish real estate purchase process in Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, or English as needed, ensuring that no language barriers interfere with secure property acquisition.

"Vamos Andalucia has been an incredibly valuable assistance for us in finding our dream home in Andalusia. Their professional team supported us at every step, making the entire process seamless. We are grateful for their constant support and personalized assistance."

Hajnalka Cseke
Hajnalka Cseke


"Vamos Andalucia was our first choice when we considered moving to Spain. Besides the wide range of properties, we were won over by the company's flexible and friendly services. We received quick and clear answers to all our questions, and throughout the process, we were confident that we were in good hands.."

Robert Hudson
Robert Hudson


"I recently bought an investment property in Andalucia with the help of Vamos Andalucia. Their team was outstanding in their professional competence and customer-centric attitude. We discussed every detail carefully and the end result was perfect. I would certainly continue to trust them with my future projects."

Andrej Kováč
Andrej Kováč


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